About Us

Hi gals and guys,

I'm Anna and I am the owner of Sfixi. As an company, we strive to bring the coolest products at the most affordable prices so you can get those new items, gadgets and gifts at a price that doesn't break your wallet.

You can contact us at support@sfixi.com if you have any questions or problems. We treat your concerns with care and attention and will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

We sell everything that you can think of but with a modern touch. We try to bring NEW products to the store every day to impress and amaze you. 

Our mission is to make you exited to browse our selection and find that gem that you were looking for. We aim to deliver the best customer experience we possibly can. Your happiness is our success.

Funnily, in days past I learned some French, Spanish and Italian, so we'll still be there for our customers even if they don't speak English.

Contact us at support@sfixi.com for any questions except "What's you email?" - we reserve the right not to answer this one.